2014 Veterinary Behavior Symposium - Denver, CO

2014 Veterinary Behavior Symposium - Denver, CO

Save the Date!

Join us for the 2014 Veterinary Behavior Symposium on July 25, 2014.

Grand Hyatt Denver
1750 Welton St.
Denver, CO

Meeting location:
Pinnacle Club (adjoining the hotel)
555 17th St.
38th Floor
Capitol Peak Ballroom



We look forward to seeing you all there!


Thank you for attending the 2013 Veterinary Behavior Symposium!

Over 180 veterinarians, technicians and veterinary students gathered in Chicago, IL to learn the latest research and clinical information related to veterinary behavior. 

A few of the topics covered during the six hours of fun, fast-paced CE were:

  • “Do Domestic Cats Really Prefer Uncovered Litterboxes?:  A comparison study”
  • “The U.S. Marine Corps Emotional Reactivity Test for Behavioral Evaluation of Candidate Improvised Explosives Detection Dogs”
  • “Use of Feline Allomarking Pheromone (F4) During Medical Examination to Facilitate Human-Cat Interaction”
  • “Prevalence of Fearful and Anxious Behaviors of Dogs in the United States”
  • “The Relationship Between Coat Color and Behaviors in the Domestic Cat”
  • “Dogs as ‘Natural’ Models for Human Psychiatric Conditions:  Information gained from purely behavioral or physiological studies versus studies that combine both approaches”
  • “Personal Experience and Tips:  Using Behavioral Measures to Increase the Efficiency and Objectiveness of Behavior Consult Records”
  • “Personal Experience and Tips:  Financial Gains through Technician Utilization”

AVSAB and ACVB would like to thank our sponsors:

  • Platinum Sponsors
    • Elanco
    • CEVA
    • Virbac
  • Gold Sponsor
    • Animal Health Technologies
  • Silver Sponsors
    • Meridian Animal Health
    • Quincy Animal Health
    • Royal Canin
    • Campbell Pet Products
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